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The litigation practice at PVG is divided into two main areas: public and private law. With regards to the first, our work involves mainly banking-related and credit recovery litigation. With regards to the public law area, matters pertaining to administrative law, regulatory compliance and anti-corruption stand out. The firm acts before Federal and State courts, high courts (STJ and STF), and in arbitration proceedings.

  • Representation of clients in corporate disputes, in general, both in the litigation and pre-litigation phases.
  • Assistance to creditors and potential investors in connection with companies in bankruptcy or undergoing court-supervised debt reorganization, with the objective of facilitating credit recovery, as well as preparing the strategy and defense in cases of corporate succession or exposure to liabilities.
  • Assistance in credit restructuring and risk analysis of banking transactions.
  • Preparation of judicial and out-of-court measures for recovery of banking and non-banking credits.
  • Defense of clients in contractual litigation, including in connection with complex contracts and disputes on contractual and non-contractual liability.
  • Pre-litigation advice on Family law, including succession and estate planning focused on the conception of structures to improve management of assets and reduce tax burden on income and transmission by inheritance.
  • Pre-litigation and litigation advice on domestic Family law, including, among others, cases of divorce and civil union, division of assets, custody, alimony and child support, guardianships and interdictions, inventories and transmission by inheritance, also comprehending the preparation of wills and prenuptial and cohabitation agreements.
  • Pre-litigation and litigation advice on international Family law, including international child abduction and the enforcement in Brazil of the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction and the Interamerican Convention on International Restitution of Minor Children.
  • Assistance to companies in the pricing of assets and contingencies regarding ongoing lawsuits, also within the context of corporate transactions and due diligence.
  • Judicial defense of companies before regulatory authorities, as well as filing of claims for the judicial invalidation of regulatory acts.
  • Defense of companies with respect to regulatory standards, abusive fines and claims for the invalidation of administrative acts.
  • Litigation and pre-litigation assistance to companies in connection with anti-corruption and public administration violations.
  • Pre-litigation and litigation assistance regarding environmental issues for regularization of urban and rural real estate properties.
  • Assistance to companies in the pricing of assets and contingencies regarding ongoing lawsuits, also within the context of corporate transactions and due diligence.
  • Broad practice in Federal and high courts, potentially in cooperation with other law firms, particularly in formulating strategies and preparing written defenses and oral arguments.
  • Monitoring and representation in appeals and high court assigned cases, such as direct unconstitutionality lawsuits, conflicts, incidents, etc.
  • Work in the non-profit sector and with regard to class entities, such as the condition of “amicus curiae” to ongoing lawsuits.
  • Lectures and seminars.
  • Defense of individuals and companies in arbitration disputes and corporate mediations cases.
  • Conflict resolution between shareholders and with companies.
  • Participation in arbitrations centered on matters pertaining to construction, indemnification and compliance with contractual clauses.
  • Participation in arbitrations as arbitrator.