The potential effects of the ruling proposal for fintech credit on securitization and alternative payment methods in Brazil

14/11/2017 Rubens Vidigal Neto, Allan Crocci de Souza, Fernanda Mary Sonoki, Rafaella Flores Lellis

The Brazilian Central Bank (BACEN) has recently opened a public consultation for a new ruling that will regulate the fintech credit segment in Brazil (Public Consultation No....

Arbitration and Brazilian Courts: Conflicts and Cooperation

14/11/2017 Luciano de Souza Godoy, Marcela Machado Martiniano

Since the enactment of the Brazilian Arbitration Act (Law No. 9,307/1996), the Brazilian legal framework has undergone remarkable changes that helped improve and strengthen arbitration as an...

Brazil’s Approach Towards The Exchange of Information

14/11/2017 Matheus Bueno de Oliveira, Frederico Silva Bastos

The globalization and internationalization of companies are phenomena that must be considered by today’s tax administrations. In many situations, such as tax evasion, harmful tax competition and...

Changes to the special listing segment Novo Mercado approved after public consultation procedure

14/11/2017 Marcelo Perlman, Claudio D.D. Gomez, Nicholas Fernandes de Oliveira Versignassi

In 2000, local stock exchange BM&FBovespa (currently named B3) created different special listing segments, under the premise that the adoption of high standards of corporate governance would...

Potential new alternatives for foreign investment into Brazil resulting from changes to EIRELI (Wholly-Owned Legal Entity) regulations

14/11/2017 Marcelo Perlman, Claudio D.D. Gomez, Allan Crocci de Souza

The Wholly-Owned Limited Liability Entity (EIRELI) is a legal entity provided for in Brazilian law in which a single person holds the entirety of the capital stock,...

Remote voting becomes mandatory for listed corporations in 2018

14/11/2017 Marcelo Perlman, Claudio D.D. Gomez, Nicholas Fernandes de Oliveira Versignassi

In 2017, for the first time in Brazil, corporations whose stock are listed on IBOVESPA and IBrX-100 trading indices were obliged to offer to shareholders a remote...